Customized Products

One size never fits all. Based on this dictum we go to great lengths to customize solutions to each client’s unique operating environment and business model keeping sight of their ultimate objective. By customizing each aspect we ensure greater productivity, enhanced operational ease, utmost customer satisfaction and the best returns on investments. Our custom solutions, be it websites, applications or offshore development, are flexible, adaptable, scalable and geared to help you achieve more in a highly competitive environment, giving you that vital edge to propel you forwards.

Ticket Support System

Our ticket support system is designed for fast, positive, result oriented approach to responding to a request, 24x7, 365 days a year. From the moment you create a ticket to final resolution and even beyond, our smooth, seamless support keeps perfect track of all issues, providing inputs to further improve services.

Live Chat

Whenever and from wherever you may be located, simply log on to our website and start the live chat to talk to a knowledgeable, responsive and friendly online customer service agent.


One of the most comprehensive and detailed solutions of its kind, our PMS factors in everything in an intuitive, easy to use interface hiding a wealth of sophisticated features to give you utmost productivity and efficiencies.

Vendor Management System

Avoid production bottlenecks, raise relationships to a higher level and achieve so much more with a unified, integrated vendor management system designed to help you achieve more at lower costs and with reduced manpower, offering the best ROIs.

Inventory Management

Offline as well as online inventory management solutions to help you track inventory down to the last nut and bolt and never have to worry about production hurdles, dead inventory, stockpiling or unnecessary blockage of funds in materials and stock.